Ecobuild at Earls Court – Review

What an event! I spent two days at Ecobuild Earls Court 3rd and 4th March 2009 and it was close to information overload! There was a lot to see that was really applicable and interesting to any domestic energy assessor (DEA) now and for sure in the future. There were also such things that are not part of the energy assessment at the moment – but may well be in a few years!

For example;
Green Roofs and walls. – Not just “Green” …but green as in a “lawn” on your roof and “turf” up your walls! This is for insulation, water retention (slows down run off into the drains and so help reduce flooding) and 02 production.

Anyway, back to the “new stuff” that does concern us at the moment.


There were many new and not so new products on show.

  • Sheep’s wool for cavity. Treated and combed into sheets for insertion in cavity walls.
  • Wood Fibre. Treated and claims to have no shrinkage for roof construction (at rafters).
  • SuperFoil. At 38mm achieves the same insulation properties as 275mm of glass wool. It can be used at rafters or joists and can be retro fitted.
  • Sempatap. This is for solid wall internal insulation. This did impress me! Only 10mm thick, applied like wallpaper with a water based adhesive. Once fitted it can be painted or wallpapered. There is even a 5mm version to go behind any pipes. It can also be laid on top of solid floors, and then laid with carpet or tiles.
  • Bricks made of wood Amazing! 80% recycled wood. No mortar required! “U” value of 0.19. Sound proof. Made by Durisol.

And some simple ideas

  • Radiator Insulation Panels. Cut and put behind radiators for a 12%-15% reduction in heat loss.
  • The “Moon is a Balloon” Not too sure on this one! How would this be recorded for the EPC data? Would it be recorded as a closed chimney! Basically it is a balloon you inflate just inside the chimney!

Renewable/Sustainable fuels

We all know about solar so I will not comment on this.

  • The Heat Source pumps are coming along. Very impressive to see those up close. Many industrial complexes are fitting them. The domestic market seems unaware of them. But I feel that this will change? They look very straight forward to fit.
  • Air Source. Similar to an air conditioning unit outside the house. Simple’s!!
  • Ground Source. Looks like we could all fit it if you have a good size lawn.
  • Water Source. OK if you have a river near by!
  • Biomass. Looking good. I learnt that you can even use spoilt grain/wheat in it as well as wood pellets.
  • Wind. I was a bit disappointed. Wind turbines that are really efficient are only available to large properties/industry. Some work needs to be done to make them domestic house efficient, but I was told by one company that they are working on it!

Something for in about 2 years.
Calor Gas are developing a system were not only will the gas heat a home but also provide an electrical supply by way of a catalytic convertor.

In Conclusion
A fantastic couple of days. I feel that I have only skimmed the surface of what I have reported here.

The next EXPO coming up is on 9 June 2009 at the ICC in Birmingham.
This will have a large degree of interest for and focus towards DEAs.

Article written by Paul Walker of Bourne Hips.

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