So you need a Commercial EPC in the North-East

We have seen the rise of commercial EPC instructions within the North-East, especially within Newcastle and Sunderland over the past month. It has been pleasing to receive enquires mainly from commercial agents and solicitors acting on their now legal requirements though we are happy to work with individual owners direct.

As we are based in Tyneside we have focussed on developing a skill base to meet the needs of our region; providing commercial EPCs accross a range of property types and sizes including:

  • Small shops
  • Take aways
  • Multi zoned office space
  • Industrial units
  • Combined warehouse and showroom buildings

At present we are able to fulfill most requirements within 7 working days from acceptance of your instruction and offer Commercial EPCs in:

  • Newcastle
  • Sunderland
  • Durham
  • North Shields
  • South Shields

If you require a energy performance certificate outside this area please feel free to enquire as we are constantly developing our service and area of provision.All our assessor are fully qualified commercial energy assessors with an array of experience in the commercial property sector.

If you require an energy certificate for your commercial property please feel free to contact us for a Commercial EPC quote here.

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  1. Darrin Wright Says:

    Hi Iam a DEA and have been asked to arrange commercial epc for a building which has 3 seperate offices. could you let me have a price? It may require 3 epc!

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