The end of data collection for Energy Performance Certificates?

The CLG (Communities and Local Governments) has produced some guidance and proposed changes on the use of data collectors for issuing Energy Performance Certificates. The changes are very much inline with the concerns we hold and detailed in ‘Is your EPC carried out by a data collector?

The following has been circulated to the Accreditation Schemes for their and their members input though it seems unlikely that it will change to a large degree.

1. The EA (energy assessor) who lodges the EPC must visit the property – this applies to all types of EPCs and DECs.
a. Affirmation is required from the EA that a visit took place
b. Accreditation Schemes should put procedures in place to ensure EAs make declarations regarding visits
c. The only exception to this is for those assessments relating to on construction EPCs.

These changes are consistent with, but clarify existing guidance, and will take immediate effect.

The following changes may require changes to existing guidance and/or standards and should take effect from 1 April 2009.

2. Data gatherers are not permitted for domestic property. If a DEA uses existing data held by another on a property, they must verify this data through a site visit.

3. Data gatherers are not permitted for level 3 properties

4. Data gatherers are permitted for level 4 and 5 in the following circumstances:
a. Anyone collecting data for level 4 and 5 must be accredited to level 3 or provide documentary evidence that shows they are ‘fit and proper’ and qualified to undertake the work in hand
b. Any data gatherers used must work for the same company as the Energy Assessor
c. Energy Assessors must have ISO 9001 procedures in place and supervise the data gatherers in their employ and on site
d. The Energy Assessor is responsible for the quality of the data used for the certificate and the competence of any persons gathering data on their behalf
e. The names of all data gatherers used for the EPC must be logged and provided to the Accreditation Scheme.

5. Accreditation Schemes should monitor the number of EPCs that EAs are lodging and instigate additional audits for those lodging large numbers of EPCs from a diverse geographical area.

6. Any EAs breaching these rules should be suspended.

7. Organisations accepting remote lodgements in return for a fee are unacceptable.


For those companies reliant on the use of data collectors this will surely come as bad news, however those who have trained as a Commercial Energy Assessor will surely be pleased to read this announcement.

There has been mixed opinion on data collection but this announcement goes some way to fully clarifying this practice is unacceptable in the main, which we fully welcome.

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  1. Dave Says:

    I hope this is the end of DCs now. I have been asked to do this for commercial and have refused.As for domestic i bet EAs have been getting away with using untrained staff since day one.

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