About Commercial Energy Surveyor.co.uk

Commercial Energy Surveyor.co.uk has been established with the aim of providing a central point for the latest information and resources for those connected or requiring specialist information on the Commercial and Domestic Energy Assessment/Certification and Comparison of their Business Gas and Electricity costs.

With considerable experience with Energy Performance Certificates we have found many websites and providers are solely concentrated on selling a service. We feel that the commisioners’ of these services are often searching for more than ‘just’ a provider and are frequently looking for the related information on energy performance certificates and the ‘other’ similarly related services.

It is with the above we have provided and will continue to endeavour to fill this void. Of course, we will provide the services outlined within our website but more importantly the information people are searching for as our main target and focus.

To  help enable us to do so we will be inviting other established industry experts to contribute to our website by writing articles and submitting expert comment and analysis of the market and future possibilities and developments.

If you are interested in being invloved and contributing we would be pleased to hear from you. Please email us articles@commercialenergysurveyor.co.uk