Commercial Gas & Electricity Broker

Business utility bills are becoming increasingly expensive and the need to monitor the provision of your gas and electricity increasingly important.

Commercial gas and electricity is available from a range of business energy providers and we can help you compare the market so you can obtain the best price with your desired utility provider. If you are happy with your current supplier; it is not unusual for us to negotiate and obtain a substantially better rate than you are currently paying.

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Comparison of Business Gas & Electricity Rates

If you are coming to the end of of your contractual period on your business energy supply be sure to contact us and let us compare the best rates which are available. As a commercial energy broker we can access preferential rates which are not widely available direct to the client.

We negotiate your new energy supply contract with a wide range of utility suppliers, inviting them to tender and provide their most competitive rates at that time.

As we will manage your energy supply contract, we will remind you when your contract renewal is due, ensuring you continue to benefit and enjoy the best rate available and do not fall into the ‘rollover trap.’

How to get a Business Energy quote?

We will need some basic information from you; your recent utility bills and permission to act on your behalf.

We will take it from there and once we have the range of quotes from the energy companies we will present to you to decide from.

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