FAQ – Display Energy Certificates DECs

Why has this legislation been introduced?
The Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) has been introduced to promote good energy management of buildings. It has been shown in the UK that where public buildings monitor their energy consumption and implement low or no cost, good housekeeping towards energy saving measures, they can reduce their energy bills on average by 15%. Simple monitoring of energy consumption can identify where waste is occurring and allow these savings to be made. A further 10% saving can almost always be made with low cost and esily implemented measures which could provide a payback in less than 5 years.

What if I don’t have a Display Energy Certificates (DEC) ?
Display Energy Certificates (DECs) must be displayed from 1 October 2008. The penalty for failure to display a DEC is £500 and a further £1000 for failing to obtain an Advisory Report. A local authority can issue a penalty charge notice of £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public, and £1,000 for failing to possess or have in their control a valid advisory report. In addition to these penalties, it will still be necessary to commission the documents, otherwise further offences will be committed.

If you can demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to avoid breaching the regulations, then the penalty charge notice must be withdrawn.

If you believe the penalty charge notice should not have been given you can request a review. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review you may appeal to the county court within 28 days after you received notice confirming the penalty charge notice.

Which legislations sets out the requirement?
In April 2008, Statutory Instrument 2007/991 was published to implement Articles 7, 9 and 10 of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The SI is accompanied by an explanatory memorandum. The SI requires all public buildings in England and Wales from which a publicly-funded service is provided and which are frequently visited by the public to display their energy performance to the public by means of Display Energy Certificates (DECs). DECs and accompanying Advisory Reports are required for all public buildings with a floor area of over 1000m2.

Do I have to act on the recommendations within the advisory report?
You have no obligation to act on and implement the recommendations for energy efficient improvements to the building. However, taking action on the recommendations is likely to improve the energy efficiency of your building, reduce your fuel bills, cut related carbon emissions and could improve the public perception of your building.

Please see our DEC resource pages for links to relevant legislation and other useful related links.