FAQ – Business Gas & Electricity FAQ

In order to help you compare the best utility prices in the market we do require a certain level of information from you. Here are a selection of our frequently asked questions regarding our commercial gas and electricity brokerage service.

Q. Why do we need to supply a signed letter of authority?

A. In order to negotiate the best business, gas and electricity prices on your behalf, we need to provide proof we have your permission to do so. We do this with the letter of authority.

Q. Why do we need copy of your most recent gas and electricity bills?

A. It allows us to gain important details which we require to make an accurate comparison and provide you with a quote from the range of utility providers.

Q. What is the utilities rollover trap

This is where, If you do not give notice to your current gas or electric supplier within the specified timescale you will be moved onto their standard rates, similar to a fixed rate mortgage deal.

Standard gas and electricity rates are always more expensive and can often be rates which you are stuck with for a period of time without substantial financial penalties being applied. Hence the ‘rollover trap’.

We are aware of the differing notice periods, which can often vary between different electricity and gas meters, lengths of contracts and utility providers. By using Commercial Energy Surveyor we can help ensure you do not enter this trap and will provide you with new, best available options at that time.

Q. Can I change my business gas & electricity provider during my contract?

Unfortunately, you are not able to switch energy providers until the end of your contract period. As you approach the end of your energy providers’ contractual period; we can ensure you meet your current contracts terms and conditions in regard to ceasing supply and that you do not enter the rollover trap.

Q. Who will send me my bills?

Your energy supplier will send your bill directly to you as normal; though will detail the reduced rates we have negotiated.